Q-Lock System and TeleSafe Scaffolding

Q-Lock Locking System and TeleSafe aluminum scaffolding model
Our double part scaffolding models, which we have realized long sales, has become one of the building blocks of our company by reaching high sales figures in our country and international market with its practicality and durability. The product has been developed by research, development and quality departments under constant surveillance and testing, many parts are combined with today's technology and design to make it more usable, durable and suitable for work safety regulations.

TeleSafe Aluminum Scaffolding
All these works and experiences were blended and as of January 16, 2017, the double part scaffolding model was made a registered trademark of Çağsan Merdiven and sold in our country and world market together with the patented "Q-Lock" Locking System under the name "TeleSafe".


What is Q-LOCK?
The research & development and quality department has successfully completed the work initiated to establish TeleSafe scaffolding models faster and without sacrificing work safety, as a result of long research and testing. Telesafe patented Q-Lock locking system has fulfilled the mounting screw scaffoldings. Since the installation and removal of the scaffold using the Q-lock system is very practical, it can be installed quickly and effortlessly, allowing for safer installation at higher altitudes. The Q-Lock system is firmly locked in the scaffolding and it strengthens the main structure of the scaffolding and makes the scaffolding more stable.


Advantages of Q-Lock Lock System compared to bakelite screw
- The Q-lock lock system is practical.
- Simple and quick replacement.
- It is suitable for job security.
- It saves time for your work.
- Do not disappear like bakelite screws and Q-lock is whole with horizontal braces and diagonal braces.