New QR Code Stickers !!

With your phone after reading QR codes you will be able to watch a video installation of the product and you can access the user guide.

Through our updated website, you will have easy access to video installation and the usage of our products. Also you will have easy access to the user manual.

In addition, for example, below you can see on our product labels, where you can find QR (Quick Response) code.

These labels associated with products installation and usage video also will allow access to the user guide in digital format.

You can read through a variety of a QR Code reader programs which you can install on your smart phone. Your phone after reading the QR code, be able to watch the installation video and product usage or you can access the user guide.

Thanks to the growing usage smartphones thoroughly everyday, with this feature, even if you lose your user guide, it will provide access from anywhere. For the moment, we have launched QR Code application in our range of products, such as industrial platforms, Scaffolding Systems. In the future QR Code application will cover all product groups.

Example QR Code tag - Double Part Scaffolding - Installation and Use (Code: S006).