TSE Assurance to ProTUBE Series !

R & D and Quality departments have been working on ProTube Mobile Scaffolding series by launching quality coverage expansion studies of EN1004 standard with tests and detailed reviews by the Turkish Standards Institute for the ProTube L - S and F, which are Wide, Narrow and Folding models of the ProTube series, together with quality, durability and safety (2,0 kN / m²) Class 3 entitled "TS EN 1004 - Mobile access and work benches made of prefabricated elements - materials, dimensions, design loads, safety and performance requirements".

You can continue to use all of our ProTube L - S - F models that you have been using with confidence until today, under the TSE assurance that the quality is certified.


You can use the following links to review products.

PROTUBE L - Wide Model

PROTUBE S - Narrow Model

PROTUBE F  - Folding Model