Single Part Aluminium Scaffolding

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Step Single Part Aluminium Scaffolding

There are the types of Modular Scaffolding Ladders having aluminium modules with Platform as single and two-part and they are assembled over the wheeled platform constructed of aluminium. Working area can be reached in a short time by means of a one way opening cover on the platform.

lt can be moved to required places with wheels that can be locked. Swinging is prevented with the help of fixative steel pipes attached to the sides, and a safe working place is provided by means of banisters on the platform. They have very wide usage areas in gymnasiums, theaters, gas stations, showrooms and higher places where long time working will be done. 

Unassembled form of the Iadder provides practicality in transportation and it can be easily assembled at the required places. It has light, strong, safe and long life-span design.